What is the Walkers Association of Ireland?

The Walkers Association of Ireland - WAI - is an inclusive forum for hill walkers and ramblers all over Ireland.

Blackstairs Chalenge 2016

Blackstairs Chalenge 2016

On Leinster’s Mount above the vale, the nine stones standing proud

A blackbird perched upon a rock, his song he sings aloud

The tombs of kings and chieftains, they lie many on the land

From Borris to Rathvilly towns, they built by naked hand.

From Clonegal to Ballon town, you’ll find no finer sights

And south to Ballymurphy, beneath the Blackstairs heights

The Abbey of Saint Molling where they bowed their heads to pray

As the sun, it rose above the hills at the dawning of the day.


Carlow by Brendan Harding


Maumturks Challenge 2016

Maumturks Challenge 2016

With an almighty bite to an incoming Atlantic Breeze, 198 walkers set off over a two hour stagger in what would be the 41st Maumturks Challenge as hosted by NUIG Mountaineering Club.

The first of the walkers start off at 5am which ensures a full run of the day (always a clever play). The second wave tend to depart around 6 (ish). Now at this hour there isn't the need for head torches, as sunrise at this time of year checks in at 6.30am . . . and what a sunrise greeted the 41st Maumturks!!! Then for the most part all walkers are off and running - with an element quite literally "blazing a trail" by 7 in the am . . . .

Winter Talks Series Lenny Antonelli

WAI Winter Talks Series

Lenny Antonelli

8pm Wednesday 9th March 2016


WAI Spring Talks Series : Lenny Antonelli

8pm Wednesday 9th March 2016.

“Great River and Canal Walks of Ireland”

Venue - The Lansdowne Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Lenny Antonelli - guidebook writer, walker, canoeist, journalist . . . . promises a talk on Canal Walks and similar.

Free Entrance

With bar facilities at hand and excellent food available from the bar . . .

a great evening is promised for all!

ALL ARE WELCOME . . . . ! ! !

Directions at:


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Irish Mountain Gathering Feb 2016

Irish Mountain Gathering 2016

"Oh what a night. . . "

There's a song in there somewhere!

Friday 19th of February saw the WAI / MountainViews annual Irish Mountain Gathering.

Always a fantastic night, both entertaining and informative, no one needs me to tell them how this great evening is now firmly anchored in the year's calendar for MountainViews and the WAI.

As so much is quite literally "bashed" into this busy night, all punters were well in situ for the kick-off at 8pm sharp, knowing all too well that this evening moves at lightning pace. . .

Well that's until (straight out of the blocks) when a brilliant Peter Walker (ready to pounce on the awaiting audience) had to patiently await with clenched fists as our "Tekkie Guy" tried everything in his power to thwart Peter's unstoppable delivery and momentum . . . "cock-up on the catering front" we were told!

Doddering Along The Dodder

Doddering Along The Dodder

From Bohernabreena all the way to Ringsend . . .
Anne Mac

This blog is just a general guide and a general account of the experiences of my friend and I as we meandered along The Dodder River from the Mountains of Dublin right down to the mouth of The Liffey. So – if you are looking for precise instructions on where to turn right, left and such like – I’m afraid this article will be no help to you. 

Before we set out to do this hike, I did try and find an article which reassured us that we could easily navigate this route.  And while I found articles on some sections of it – I did not find one on the whole route. So that is my aim here - To let you know how easily it can be done. I wrote this retrospectively so forgive the lack of balance in this blog . . . .  

Glover Highlander 2015

Glover Highlander 2015

Taking place well into September - the historic Glover Highlander is the one great Challenge Walk that heralds the end of a Summer's  walking and the onset of darker evenings with perhaps a little less pottering . . . but hopefully not too much less, just a little colder.

Maybe this is why the North West Mountaineering Club host a (now World-Famous) brilliant blister party the very night of their (now World-Famous) Challenge Walk!!

The Glover Highlander doesn't happen to traverse a heap of mileage . . . not especially - its just over twenty kilometers. It can't claim the most amount of ascent either . . . it clocks in at around 2100 meters. But like many a fiscal arrangement as agreed between many an over-generous Troika official . . . the devil is in the detail, or at least the devil as they say, is there to be found lying within!

There are two iconic and almighty mountains on this Donegal Challenge Walk . . . the first is Muckish, then at the end of the walk we have Errigal. So now all that is required is the potter between the two . . . sounds easy, doesn't it?

But Challenge Walks being Challenge Walks never disappoint in throwing the odd curve-ball at the unsuspecting bogtrotter . . !

The Lug Walk 2015

The Lug Walk 2015

Taking place as close to the day with the longest daylight hours as possible (Summer Solstice) the Lug Walk is no ordinary Challenge Walk!

Hosted every second year by The Irish Ramblers, this is one of the "Big Daddys" in the world of Challenge Walks! Having a cumulative ascent similar to the Maamturks, this walk is twice as long!


It is a great walk indeed, that splits into three distinct stages - each with their own merits and unique "pains of day". The first section may as well take place in the middle of the night its such an unearthly hour to be off on a potter. zzzz. The second stage has lots of tough ascent and the infamous Barnacullion.  And the final stretch sees the weary walker negotiating bog and granite before finding themselves atop the highest point in Leinster. Alot of the walk takes place higher than any mountain in the Turks - so the day's Hillwalking, that is even closer to the heavens, tends always to be "airy round the ankles".

Blackstairs 2015

Blackstairs Challenge 2015


Yeah . . . "We never had so much and laughed so little. . . "

These were certainly very honest words from our Celtic Tiger years, which was curious to see that when
the monetary nonsense abated, Hillwalking in Ireland grew and grew!

Now yes, yes - I am all too aware that not everyone lost the plot and that the gap between rich and poor is
forever widening. . . . No this rant falls squarely in the laps of the Muppets who decided that Santa in Clery's wasn't good enough and that only Santa in Lapland would do!! (yes it really does get closer every year!). So now we're being informed that we are all well on the road to recovery with more $$$ in our pockets!!

WAI GPS Course 2015

WAI GPS Skills for Hillwalkers

A full course was successfully held on 13th June




The presentation is aimed at hillwalkers with basic GPS skills and who wish to learn how to get more from their units.







  • GPS Settings
  • Waypoints, Tracks and Routes
  • Creating Routes and Logging Tracks
  • Following Routes and Tracks
  • GPS and Computer connections
  • PC GPS Utilities and Packages
  • Sharing Routes and Tracks
  • Acquiring Waypoints,Routes and Tracks



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