Discover some of the world’s most inspiring walks and hikes around the Emerald Isle

Ireland – The Emerald Isle – is the third largest island in Europe and is world famous for being green – which is nice – but more importantly, there is a lot more to discover than how green it is. There is a real natural beauty throughout Ireland, and with stunning landscapes, regardless of where you are, it’s impossible to argue against. We all know the best way to embrace any scenery is to travel on foot, and get amongst it. This way, you’ll be able to roam around the lush vegetation or drift along a rugged coastal path taking in the spectacular views over the water or just strolling along the peaceful country lanes. Whatever your penchant is as a walker or hiker, Ireland’s inspiring walks have to feature on your must-do list if you love enjoying the great outdoors.

The majority of the classic walks around Ireland involve a mountain – or two – of some description but don’t despair as oxygen tanks aren’t required. All you’ll need is a little determination – maybe an umbrella – and you’ll be rewarded with the most invigorating experiences imaginable. Although some, not all, of the walks will probably be a bit of a challenge, there is always plenty of assistance on hand in the shape of other walkers. Generally, walkers and hikers alike – with the odd exception – are a really friendly bunch, and you can share stories or exchange information like route descriptions especially if you’re a bit lost. However, there should be checkpoints and stewards the whole way if you’re on an organised walk.

The Blackstairs Challenge mountain walk mountain walk is organised by the Wayfarers Association and they lay on a well-organised venture with everything you’ll need. The tremendous advantage with this event is that providing you have prepared properly, almost everyone can do it – with the odd exception. That doesn’t mean it’s easy though. The 796 metre Mount Leinster won’t take you near the stratosphere but it’s quite high enough to thrill. Packed with panoramic views, the walk itself is 31 kilometres in all, and you’ll be faced with a steady climb at the beginning. Closer to the 735 metre Blackstairs it can become a little tricky to negate, and there is a useful alternative base path around Knockroe if you’re not completely sure-footed. Bathe in the triumph for a while as you reach Glynn, and receive your walk completion certificate, then take a well-earned rest.


Starting from the Kilkeel River end of the wall

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