What is the Walkers Association of Ireland?

The Walkers Association of Ireland – WAI – is an inclusive forum for hill walkers and ramblers all over Ireland.
The Walkers Association of Ireland was established in 2007 for the purpose of creating a forum for hill walking clubs and individual walkers to communicate and share information with each other.
It has progressed since then by having a joint annual get-together with Mountain Views to award individual walkers for achieving specific goals in relation to summiteering and invite well know walkers to deliver a talk or slide show on interesting topics related to hill walking.

It also has regular talks/slide shows by well known individuals that are of interest to the walking fraternity.

It holds GPS and photography courses as and when required and along with the Wayfarers Club organises an annual quiz in aid of Mountain Rescue Ireland.

  • To organise events such as lectures, slide shows and quizzes relevant to hill walkers.
  • Via the WAI website, to provide information on matters relevant to walking clubs and walkers, including Challenge Walks.
  • Via the WAI website,, to create a forum of communications for all walking clubs and individual walkers to share information and knowledge about walking in
  • Ireland and abroad.
  • To help promote the sport of hillwalking, including all its disciplines, including walking clubs, summitteering, challenge Walks, social/recreational walks, walking holidays . . .
  • To organise classes for walkers in GPS, Photography and Nature.
  • To co-operate with kindred associations