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Joyce Country Challenge

Joyce Country Challenge 2008

The 2008 Joyce Country challenge was blessed with fine weather for its second year, last Saturday 19th of July. While the day started off cloudy, it soon gave way to warm sunshine, of which the boys and girls took full advantage and changed to shorts and sun block!
First to finish was local lad David Joyce, who was also last years first finisher.
The A-Walk or led walk proved a big hit as the walkers enjoyed both the weather and the scenery, with no care whatsoever to navigation or other distractions!

Hill Damage by Bikes and What To Do About It

Ena Rafferty, current Chairwoman of the Wayfarers Association, a Dublin based
hillwalking club, asks:

Why has there to be terrible damage done to sites of great importance in
Ireland before anything is done to protect them?

Marathon Walk Western Way 2015