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Whilst an unfortunate incident was to befall a woman at pretty much the start of preceedings.....for the most part all were to truely enjoy the Maumturks Challenge 2009.

Munro Talk Presentation

The attached file contains a summary of the presentation given by Anne Morrissey at the recent WAI winter meets event on the Scottish Munros. The event was attended by a selection of Munro Baggers and potential Munro Baggers, where experiences were shared and some advice on how to get started provided. A lively discussion followed the presentation.  Further details can be found at :

TrailMaster - Geolives Beta Testing.

Thanks for offering to test the new OSi Geolive - TrailMaster system.

OSI have supplied some notes for this which are too long to email so download here:

1 We have included some general headings for test observations below.  Feel free to add your own.

2. Please send your observations to

Online Trailmaster. Preview and Consultation.

Changes in Trailmaster 

Currently TrailMaster is sold for four specific areas such as "West" with data arriving delivered DVD. OSI's supplier is creating a new online service for delivery in a number of European countries.  With this you will be able to get specific areas as you require at a reasonable price.  There are a number of advantages to this such as getting updated data and getting mapping for areas not previously covered by the TrailMaster. (Sorry not NI as yet).

Beta Trial / Testing

Road Closure - Wicklow Liffey valley

Emergency Road Closure

Wicklow County Council wishes to advise motorists that due to storm damage to Ballysmuttan Bridge and the adjoining road the L4377-0 Ballysmuttan to Oldcourt Road is closed until further notice. For safety reasons the public and sightseers are requested not to visit the site.

During this time the following diversions will be in operation:

The Walkers Association of Ireland Constitution.

A draft of the constitution was presented at the General Meeting of 20th September 2009. Following discussion and some small agreed amendments, here is the Constitution which is to come into force on 1st Jan 2009 and as amended at the AGM on 13th Mar 2013.

The Constitution.

The name of the Association shall be The Walkers Association of Ireland (hereinafter referred to as "The Association")

Hart Walk '08

The Hart Walk '08.

This year's Hart Walk had only two participants, Peter Gillen (An Óige) and Tom Milligan (Hillwalkers/Ramblers). Being 70 miles long over mountain and road this was not really surprising. There were ten walkers last year, Sandra Brady setting a new woman's record on that occasion. Starting at 8pm across the road from the Terenure tram station, where HC Hart first commenced his walk in 1886, the duo headed off into a pleasant enough evening with only the occasional shower attempting to dampen their spirits.

Joyce Country Challenge

Joyce Country Challenge 2008

The 2008 Joyce Country challenge was blessed with fine weather for its second year, last Saturday 19th of July. While the day started off cloudy, it soon gave way to warm sunshine, of which the boys and girls took full advantage and changed to shorts and sun block!
First to finish was local lad David Joyce, who was also last years first finisher.
The A-Walk or led walk proved a big hit as the walkers enjoyed both the weather and the scenery, with no care whatsoever to navigation or other distractions!

Hill Damage by Bikes and What To Do About It

Ena Rafferty, current Chairwoman of the Wayfarers Association, a Dublin based
hillwalking club, asks:

Why has there to be terrible damage done to sites of great importance in
Ireland before anything is done to protect them?

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